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As if Doctor Who wasn't hard enough, you thought, “Let's do another show at the same time...” But Sherlock has come to a natural break if not an end, so what are you going to fill your time with?

Holidays. Drinking... I don't know that Sherlock has finished. People keep saying that, and that it's come to a natural end. But what does that mean on a show that we hardly ever make? Just that it gets marginally slower in production. I kind of assume that at some point we'll show up again, but that's what I assume at the end of every series. When Sue [Vertue, his co-producer – and wife] has to reassemble Sherlock, it's like arranging a reunion party. It's, “Hello, how are you? What's your diary like?” When you're talking to [stars] Benedict and Martin that can be an issue. But I assume we'll go again. We didn't end it on a big clifhanger this year. I suppose that's the only difference. But more or less everyone's alive that needs to be, so if we want to go again we absolutely can.

Из интервью Стивена Моффата на Fairford Festival of Fiction 3 июня 2017.

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2017-06-20 в 00:00 

Dame Pelagia
Ну вряд ли же он станет так фанов "заманивать", только чтобы потом сказать, что, мол, это я шутил...
Так что, может, и вправду наваяют 5 сезон! :lip:

2017-06-20 в 00:06 

Dame Pelagia, :yes::yes: скрестим пальцы:-).


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